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1994 A.A. Burr †

In Adrian's own words.

Adrian was born on October 24th 1934 at home in Penns Lane which is halfway between Sutton Coldfield and Villa Park.                                                                                                           When he was three, his father chose to move to Sutton Coldfield to a property near Sutton Park. One day, Hitler invaded Poland and so one of his brothers and he were evacuated to Borth, a seaside resort in mid Wales. He went to school there and learnt English as a foreign language! He was also taught how to sing and whistle as there were no locks on the lavatory doors in those days.                                                                                                                 Suitable educated, when he was eight, he and his brother returned to Sutton Coldfield as it was then deemed safe to do so. It turned out not to be the case as a bomb landed in the next street and he was blown out of bed by the blast. Recovering from the shock he staggered, shaken but not stirred, through Primary School.                                                                        In 1944, having answered the neccesary questions to the satisfaction of the examiners, he was admitted to Bishop Vesey's Grammer School by which he hoped to obtain admission to higher education. Having failed on two occasions there remained a third method. By taking a more firm grip of his resolve he continued his education at Aston Technical College.                          in 1954 he gained admission to one of London's University Colleges, now known as Exeter University. He obtained degrees, none of which were Masonic. His research involved making material which irrediated by ultraviolet light, changed colour - a phenomenon used these days in Reactolite lenses. He represented the University at Soccer, Rugby and Squash.                      In 1960 he was appointed as Lecturer in Physics at Letchworth College of Technology. He met Cynthia in 1963 while he was writing up some research papers at the University.                      He married Cynthia in Exeter in 1965. They had two lovely daughters, Hilary and Rosemary. He now has a grandaughter , Eloise and two grandsons, Thomas and Matthew.                                In 1966 he obtained a Senior Lecturer post in Applied Physics at the then Lanchester College of Technology (now known as Coventry University). He finished in an administrative role as Head of Department in 1994.                                                                                                            Adrian continued to play squash for Coventry and North Warwickshire Sports Club. He was part of the team which won a Veteran's (over 45) Birmingham League. During those squash playing days, he played, he played many games where he had to come back from the dead to achieve victory. He was elected President of the Club in 2000.                                                               In 1983 he was iniiated into Trinity Lodge No.254 and rose through the ranks to become Master in 1994. (His father Henry Owen Burr had been initiated into Goldieslie Lodge No. 6174 in 1946 and became Master in 1956). After Adrian's appointments and promotions, he was made Past Provincial Junior Warden. As well as Freemasonry he enjoyed poetry, parodies and learning ritual. In the meantime, he joined Old Veseyan Lodge No. 7924, being introduced by two members whom he met on cruises which he and Cynthia both enjoyed.                                     Adrian and Cynthia were happily married for 37 years. However, in 2002 Cynthia was diagnosed with cancer and died five months later. Following Cynthia's wishes he continued to go cruising by himself.                                                                                                             in 2018 he was informed by his Consultant Oncologinst that he had cancer of the rectum. In the course of time this was corrupted to 'a pain in the arse' (Adrian's little joke!) the name by which we refer to it today.                                                                                                       Adrian had met Laurian on a cruise, friends for sixteen years, she became his full-time carer and when the opportunity arrose, they were married at his home in 2020.                                Of course, when it comes to cancern although previous experience had shown it possible to win from a losing situation, when you are playing cancer, ther can be only one winner.


1964  Phototropic Properties of Salicyiline-m-toluidine and Salicylidene aniline (co-author)        [Published in Transfaraday Society]

1968  Measurements in Applied Physics (co-author)                                                                  [published by Chapman and Hall]    

1989  Physics at 18 Plus Interface  - a cause for concern (Editor)                                                [Published by Institute of Physics Education Group]

Written by Dr. Adrian A. Burr August 2020



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