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1896 F. Foster

Frederic Foster

Initiated 1888 (Worshipful Master 1896).


Initiated into the Lodge at the age of 37, on 1st March 1888. It is to this Worshipful Brother that we owe the first serious attempt to record the History of the Lodge.


In 1916 he wrote 'The History of the Trinity Lodge of Freemasons (No.254 Coventry)'. This was handsomely printed and published with illustrations by Joseph W. Mills, (W.M.1892) at Earl Street Coventry.


The first 83 pages of this invaluable record deals with the History of the Lodge, (but see note below) and with detailsof certain of the outstanding Brethren who were members of it.

Pages 84 to 116 contain a splendid description of the Trinity Chair, and of the figures thereon as Masonic Emblems. This 'paper' was read before the Lodge of Research No. 2429 Leicester, on 23rd March, 1914, and was afterwards published as a separate booklet.

As well as providing details of important events and giving copious extracts from the minute Books from 1807 to 1912, W. Bro. Foster makes highly individual comments on many matters connected with the History of Freemasonry, and there are also many explanations of Masonic Symbolism concerning the furniture and jewels in the Lodge, reflecting exceptional skill in Masonic thought and general knowledge viz. The Tracing Cloths (forerunners of the present Tracing Boards), Jacobs Ladder standing upon the V.S.L., the Trinity Banner etc.

W. Bro Foster who lived at 'Melford' on the Warwick Road, Coventry, was an Architect by profession, and his work in connection with the purchase of the site in Little Park Street, and the erection of the Masonic Buildings thereon was considerable.

In 1923 he was appointed an Officer of Grand Lodge ( P.A.G.D.C.) and was the first Brother who had been Initiated into Trinity Lodge to attain Grand Lodge Rank. He died in 1929.

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