Trinity Lodge from 1755

The very first mention of Trinity Lodge is contained in an interesting minute in Grand Lodge of 17th September 1755.

"Heard a like petition from some Brethren in Coventry, but the petitioners not being sufficiently known, The Grand Secretary was ordered to endeavour to find out the real character of the petitioners and, if satisfactory to him, he should be at liberty to proceed as became his office".

Although there is no reference in the Grand lodge of the Antients' Minutes ( the Lodge is not unique in this respect) Grand lodge appear to have had sufficient evidence that this Lodge was warranted on 3rd. December 1755 to meet at the Golden Lyon, Bull Ring, Coventry, on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

Trinity Lodge was the second of two Lodges founded by the Antients Grand lodge in Coventry in December 1755. They were No's 42 and 43 and did not have names. The only records of these lodges are found at Grand Lodge and from summonses of meetings published in the local press.

Lodge No. 42 did not last and the warrant was sold to a regiment which was sent to Canada and the Lodge and was later erased.

Lodge No. 43 became disillusioned with the conduct of the Antients and was granted a warrant by the moderns Grand Lodge in 1875. The petition reads ' finding that the Grand Officers (of the Antients) themselves violate their own sacred rules and Orders ...with many other substantial reasons which we can prove, we are right in seeking better parentage' . The Antients Warrant was cancelled in 1793.

A continuation of some Antients practices in Lodge ceremonies resulted in a complaint to Grand lodge in 1802 from a joining member saying that the brethren were a 'set of mongrills'!

For some years the Lodge was confused with a Moderns Lodge (No. 342) meeting in Coventry, Founded in 1765 and erased in 1780.

From 1785 the Lodge became known as Trinity Lodge No. 471 and has been renumbered 382 (at the Union), 476, 316, and 254. The earliest Lodge minute book starts in 1807 but we have been able to establish the names of some Masters of the Lodge in previous years from Grand Lodge records.

Until the opening of the Coventry Masonic Hall in Little Park Street in 1905 the Lodge met at 'The Bird in Hand', 'The Golden Lion', 'The Spotted Dog', and various other hostelries. The move was made to the Allesley Hotel in 1971, 'The George' Solihull in 1974 and from there in 1975 to our present Masonic Hall at the former Drapers Club in Warwick Road.

The minutes record many occasions when the Brethren took part in civil parades celebrating Coronations, Royal Weddings and Jubilees. There are many reports of stonelayings for Churches and Hospitals and at least four meetings of Provincial Grand Lodge in Coventry held under the Lodge Banner. The Lodge celebrated its Centenary in 1865, its Sesquicentennial in 1935, the Bi-Centenary of the Antients Warrant in 1955, the Bi-Centenary of the Moderns Warrant in 1985, and the 250th Anniversary of the Antients Warrant in 2005.


Lodge Meeting Places

1755 'Golden Lion', Bull Ring.
1761 'Bird in Hand', Little Park Street.
1762 'Rose and Crown Inn, High Street.
1773 'Golden Lion', Bull Ring.
1785 'Golden Lion', Bull Ring.
1804 'Bull and Anchor', Bishop Street.
1806 'Spotted Dog', Bull Ring.
1808 'George Inn', Little Park Street.
1824 'Castle Inn', Broadgate.
1876 'Craven Arms', High Street.
1905 'Masonic Hall', Little Park Street.
1971 'Allesley Hotel', Allesley.
1974 'George Hotel', Solihull.
1975 'Drapers Club', Warwick Road.*

* Known from 1999 as 'Coventry Masonic Hall'.

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