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January 2019


The Trinity Lodge regular meetings 2019

Thurs. 3rd.January 6.15pm.

Thurs. 7th.February 6.15pm.

Thurs. 7th.March 6.15pm.

Thurs. 4th.April 6.15pm.

Weds. 8th.May 6.15pm.Please note Change of date

Thurs. 3rd.October 6.15pm.

Thurs. 7th.November 6.15pm.

Thurs. 5th.December 5.00pm.

If you are a Freemason and wish to attend our meeting as a visitor then please use the CONTACT US section of our website to make the neccesary arrangements. If you are not known to us, before admission you will be required to give proof of being a Freemason. 




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